Welcome to the Dynamic Autonomy and Intelligent Robotics (DAIR) Lab!

Our research centers on planning, control, and formal analysis of robots as they interact with the world. Whether a robot is assisting within the home, or operating in a manufacturing plant, the fundamental promise of robotics requires touching and affecting a complex environment in a safe and controlled fashion. We are focused on developing computationally tractable algorithms which enable robots to operate both dynamically and safely as they quickly maneuver through and interact with their environments.

Right now, we are particularly interested in understanding the interplay between the non-smooth dynamics of contact and numerical optimization, and then testing these techniques on both legged robots and robotic manipulation.

We are proud to be a group within the Penn Engineering GRASP Lab.

The Lab

We are excited to be located across the hall from the machine shop in the Towne building of the Penn Engineering campus.

170B Towne Building
220 S. 33rd Street
Philadelphia PA, 19104


We are committed to the open-source release of software developed in the lab. Where available, standalone software for specific papers and projects can be found linked from the publications page. The bulk of the lab software can be found on our GitHub page.

Joining the Lab

We are currently looking for exceptional undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers. More details can be found here.


Lab Members

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